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​​​Relationship counselling entails any kind of relationships. these can consist of couples, conjugal relationships of any kind or married couples and also friends and family as well. couples experiencing inter-cultural stressors are welcome, as i am also specialized in helping people from many different backgrounds whether of secular or religious. additionally, you may need counselling in order to prepare for the transition to living together or for prenuptial counselling or agreements that will help you to ensure a more successful long-term relationship. 

you may be experiencing relationship problems that you do not seem able to resolve between you, as you are both at the point of the power struggle stage. you may have had a falling out and want to put it back together again. many times when we fail to get the help we really need in healing our relationships we may separate from those we are intimately connected only to find new relationships that over time begin to exhibit similar problems that were evident in the last one(s). 

ultimately we cannot run away from ourselves no matter how hard we may try. relationships often seem to serve as a kind of mirror whereby the relations we attract in this life seem to indicate something about who we are in our own development  contacting me will be of great benefit and help you both realistically undo old patterns and stuck states you feel entrapped by in your relationship with one another.  i will help you obtain a better understanding of the nature of your relationship and you will find that after relationship therapy that the quality of your knowing one another will increase for the better.

you are likely in your relationship for reasons that you may have forgotten or the relationship has gotten too complicated and is causing you too much anger, frustration or sadness.  your relationship may have become intolerable and you may not understand your confusion and bad feelings. you may feel the other is too distant emotionally, engulfing, or you no longer treat one another as you wish to be treated. you may be badly in need of help in communicating with one another and need to learn how to validate each others concerns as you stopped doing this long ago. the counselling services i offer will help you to commit to working for a better future that will bring both of you happiness and well being of your knowing one another. 

it is no wonder that many people find themselves in relationship problems when most of us were never taught anything about how to have good relationships in the first place, except for the kind of conditioning we had grown up with.

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