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Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that is much more cost effective then going to court and having the legal system drain your bank account, taking much needed money away from you and your children as well. Often times the adversarial approach with lawyers is one that will push you into debt by persuading you that a high conflict ridden process will best get you what you are entitled. The problem is that once you go down such a route then it is difficult to change your mind, as you may not realize that you are in for more than you had bargained for in many more ways then simply emptying out your pockets! 

An alternative way of finding solid and long lasting agreement arrangements with your ex- partner and family that you have decided to separate or to divorce are the excellent services that I provide. My mediation services are a more reasonable means of resolving disputes as I consciously help you to strategically de-escalate what was once a conflict ridden “process.” Moreover, the mediation services I offer are much more satisfying emotionally in that as a process of dispute resolution they actively satisfy all parties involved without causing further emotional disruption to your life and costs substantially less. 

Mediation is also better for your health and well being, as it is a substantially more peaceful approach. Additionally, children have been shown to be happier and more emotionally stable when their parents are willing to make every effort to form practical allianceswith one another, that support the best interests of the children for their optimal development.

If you are interested in coming in for an initial consult contact me.  A Mediation Assessment involves determining what factors in your changing relationship require stabilization and agreement such that you yourself have not yet been able to resolve with your (ex) wife or (ex) husband.

Agreements are usually written after a process of Mediation which may or may not be combined with Pre-Mediation Readiness Sessions. The following are just some of the mediation matters that you may choose to resolve:

  • Custody & Access of Children
  • Residential Issues
  • Child Support Arrangements
  • Spousal Support
  • Entitlement Issues
  • Financial Matters
  • Recurring Communication
  • Extended & Blended Family Involvement
  • Property
  • Communication Boundaries
  • Other Matters not listed here.
  • Service Provision Fee: $250. per consult session couple or family
  • Written Agreements are privileged and cost is agreed upon client consent 
  • Working Draft Mediation Proposals  as are telephone consults,etc. are billed and included