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Life Coaching  is for people who have difficulties making decisions on a recurring basis or suffer self esteem issues that are making it difficult for them to manage in life. Also, many of us have simply run out of ideas about what we can do, or even about what we need to do. Sometimes our lives are so complex and demanding that we are overwhelmed and in order to make it through the day we need guidance upon short notice. Appropriate referrals may also be provided where necessary to support this service. In order to get Life Style Coaching, an initial telephone consult or face to face consult is required. This kind of coaching entails being able to receive returned paging you may make during the day to consult about situations that you may be in front of that you may find too difficult to negotiate yourself. Consults can concern any kind of problem, that you consider small or large. Certainly anxiety and other difficult feelings can disturb our ability to get through the day. Sometimes it helps to have someone close at hand to help us sort out any confusion or dilemma we may be experiencing at the time.

A Coaching contract is drawn up following an initial assessment and is billed through pay pal following that assessment which is also billed through pay pal. You are able to purchase a certain amount of time and a corresponding itemization of your coaching is then sent to you following the period paid once utilized. After the utilization of time has been paid and used, such a contract may be renewed if you decide as such. You can also pay for services in person if you wish.

Life Coaching can greatly assist you with any number of issues that have been described in this Web site. Some of the issues that people can often require assistance is in:

  • Confidence Building Methods
  • Obstacles to Creativity
  • Time Management Problems
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of Intention and Goal Fulfillment
  • Issues of Relationship
  • Coping with Grief While having to Work
  • Performance Issues in any Area of Life
  • Anger Problems & Need to Vent Pent up Feelings
  • Low Frustration Tolerance
  • Health Related Issues
  • Labour Conflicts
  • Many Other areas of Life not listed here


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