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​​​​David Rockman,  MSW, RSW



Marital & Family Reconciliation Services

Marital & Family Reconciliation involves a process of finding practical ways of rejuvenating relationships in a marriage and/or a family  that have become stuck in negativity or have lost their inherent purpose. It is specifically for families or couples that have fallen apart or have broken down, that have been experiencing separation. It is for those who do not really want to go down the road of relationship, marital or family break up in a permanent way and want to make a real effort to heal the emotional wounds and put the pieces back together again. Reconciliation means that we find a common aim in finding real solutions to uniting the differences that have led to our conflicts and separation. Sometimes we have expectations of each other and of ourselves that are at odds with what is really possible and this can result in a break down. Many times couples and families are unable to see how it is possible to heal the emotional wounds that have brought about an impasse or patterns of relating that simply cause more unnecessary upset. Through a process of establishing greater mutuality and agreement about what couples and families really want and need from one another it is possible to re-establish the sense of union and joy that brought them together in the first place.



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