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Professional Consulting, Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation Instruction,
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Family Assessment

Family assessment involves a thorough assessment of your family constellation, structural functioning and family alignment and discordance and what you can do about raising the quality of your family life.

Assessment is usually on the basis of clients wanting to find the most suitable means to better family functioning. Family Assessments are most objective when all the family members are able to involve themselves in the assessment process. Though it is not always necessary to have all family members participate, as this is not always possible. Sometimes the aspirations of various family members are in discord with one another or family patterns of behaviour and belief systems and certain relationship alliances within the structure of the `family’ have become fixed. 

A Comprehensive Family Assessment 

This can greatly help you to determine how to recreate a better family environment whereby all the family members have each others best interests in mind and where family member’s aspirations are no longer in conflict, but rather aligned with one another.



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