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Family Therapy & Crisis Intervention*

In today's world there is a wide variation as to what we call family. One definition of family that I provide is: 

any relationship(s) we have with others that we have an obligation to fulfil an ongoing and reliable duty of mutual caring that involves our being responsible for one another. These can take the form of nuclear families, blended families, intergenerational families and in fact any 2 or more people who consider themselves as family to one another because they are committed to each other or strive to love one another in their own manner of caring for each other - providing for one another’s safety.

Family therapy entails regularly scheduled appointments where the family members are committed to a process of bringing about reconciliation and a more harmonious working and loving relationship with each other. Family Therapy helps families to be able to better deal with the stressors of everyday life and family interactions that have become too difficult to overcome by the family themselves. Family Therapy greatly assists all family members to learn to respect one another and support the various needs and wishes of family members so that they can become free of dysfunctional  ways of relating that have become too difficult to resolve. If this applies to you then you can book an appointment today in order to find the solutions that will help you. 

*Crisis intervention is only upon availability



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