​​​​David Rockman,  MSW, RSW


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Individual, Couple, Relationship, Family Counselling and Therapy, Family-Mediation, 
Professional Consulting, Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation Instruction,
Public Speaking and Seminars



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How It Works

The Therapy, Counselling, Mediation & Training classes I provide are best suited to your needs & people respond better to some approaches better than others. For example, all therapy & counselling in general are either cognitive, emotional, behavioural & sensory based & usually some combination of these. Some of us are at times more preoccupied & focused on either our mental landscape, our feelings, our interactions or our bodies. Is it any wonder that people experience life as complicated when feelings, mind, body & behaviours become so entangled? 

In this regard, I offer both brief psychotherapy approaches, more medium or long term in-depth counselling, such as cognitive behavioural therapy combined with a mindfulness approach, self integration psychotherapy, relational counselling & other services as well. I also offer conflict mediation agreements, psychosocial impact assessments for trauma & life and professional coaching. I  am an Eclectic Therapist that has multiple trainings and a seasoned professional background. Self Integration Psychotherapy involves strengthening your sense of self so that you become ever more free in your self presentation to the world & your experience of yourself so that your True Self begins to direct your life. 

I can help you get to the core of any problem so that you can better comprehend why you may be so overwhelmed by the discouraging feelings you have that may be reinforcing the kind of dilemmas and entrapments you are experiencing. Then it is possible to find real solutions, raising the quality of your life, instead of simply masking symptoms which will come round again repeating themselves in different scenarios. I will help you expand your coping capacity and give you real hope and ways you can overcome such problems as depression, loss, anxiety and existential angst. I will show you how you can learn to accept yourself fully while at the same time striving to become the person you wish to become. Much of the time we have lost the capacity to be friends with ourselves and our thoughts have become too critical of ourselves or we have become imprisoned by thinking we are not perfect enough. 

Sometimes there are cognitive distortions - internal programs we have interfering with our ability to become more mindful of what we truly want, if only we could understand ourselves better and change the internal software. Your life is precious and I am sure that at heart you know this to be true if only you could learn how to embrace real change and keep the change you are seeking, once you are really clear about what it is that you truly want and need. 

I am also trained in Traditional & non-Traditional models of conflict resolution, such as Feminist Family Mediation & Separation/Divorce Mediation. As well I have advanced certification in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Whether you are experiencing an inner or outer conflict, it is very possible to realize durable & satisfying agreements so that you can get what you really need from the relationship you have with your significant other.