​​​​David Rockman,  MSW, RSW


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(Most Insurance Plans Accepted)
Individual, Couple, Relationship, Family Counselling and Therapy, Family-Mediation, 
Professional Consulting, Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation Instruction,
Public Speaking and Seminars

Services Offered

In-person one-to-one Psychotherapy & Counselling 

Phone, Skype & e-therapy Counselling

Relationship, Couple (all) & Marital Counselling 

Family Therapy & Group Therapy

Marital, Separation or Divorce Counselling Pre-mediation, Mediation Agreements & Assessments

Consulting Geriatric Care & Palliative Care Management

Consulting Professional Coaching & Performance Coaching 

Mindfulness Meditation & Self Development Empowerment Training



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Professional Background

Besides having a long history in private practice for individuals, couples & groups, I have a long background in hospital based social worker & therapeutic practice & public speaking.  I also have extensive professional training and have worked in seven different Toronto area hospitals and many other public healthcare facilities such as rehab clinics & in private medico-legal sectors. I have ample experience in hospital based & community Crisis Intervention, Mental Health wards, Emergency Departments and most other medical departments in hospital settings.  Additionally, I have worked in EAP, Motor Vehicle & Workplace Trauma, Rehabilitation, Individual, Couple, Family Therapy/Reconciliation & Mediation.  As well, I have worked for many years facilitating self development groups that have as their focus assisting people to find for themselves their own ability to formulate and fulfil intentions and find their own unique & personally satisfying purpose in life. I also have an extensive knowledge of private and public sector referral base in Toronto.

My practice is supported by years of compassion working with people from all cultural backgrounds, traditions, age, walks of life & social or sexual orientation. I have worked to help a large population of people suffering from a wide range of psycho-emotional difficulties from depression, anxiety, addictions and most other kinds of mental and emotional problems that for whatever reason can occur to any of us in this life. I am also trained in Traditional & non-Traditional models of conflict resolution, such as Feminist Family Mediation & Separation/Divorce Mediation. As well, I have advanced certification in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Whether you are experiencing an inner or outer conflict, it is quite possible to come to realize durable & satisfying reconciliation about how you can get what you want or need from life & the relationships you have with others & also with yourself.

About David

I am a Toronto based Social Worker Therapist, Mediator  & Trainer with over 20 years working in the field of mental and emotional health & well being. You will find I am a warm, caring, nurturing and deeply understanding person who is completely non-judgemental.  The services I offer will effectively empower you to find & fulfill your own purpose to become much happier and freer to be who you truly wish to be.  Presently, I see people at 717 Bloor Street West, Toronto in the Annex area.