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About Separation - Divorce Mediation

Did you know that statistics indicate that almost 50% of married couples will end up as divorced. It is no wonder, given that the stressors of marital expectations can be overwhelming and unrealistic that people will stay together for the rest of their lives. Statistics also indicate that the likelihood of second  marital “success” are even poorer due to rebounding, but that by the third marriage the success rates are very high in terms of durability! Additionally, statistics indicate that the younger the couple, the earlier and more likely they will get divorced before 10 years. We all know that divorce is especially difficult for kids. Divorce can have a traumatic impact on adults, whereby you may suffer an adjustment disturbance that can for some take as many as 4 years to totally recover emotionally. Moreover, the mental, emotional and physical disruption that separation and divorce can have on individuals and families is, I think you agree extremely minimized in society.

From a social justice perspective, it is simply not fair that so many single parent families are led by women who suffer role overload often at their own expense. As well, children need their fathers, just as much as fathers need them. It is a shame that fathers who are so often isolated and marginalized will then suffer greatly under the strain of the divorce fall out, causing long time addiction and mental health problems. Divorce can have a negative impact upon the extended family as well, causing family feuds which are also not by any means in the best interests of children or ageing grandparents either. It is well established that children that come from divorced families where there is high conflict and ill will among care givers, tend to suffer much more in terms of their mental health when they become adults. Mediation can greatly help this from not having to happen later on, as cooperation in conflict is learned through social modelling of parents by their children.

Mediation is a much more reasonable manner of resolving conflict disputes either to bring about family reconciliation or to better find the best agreements that can suit all involved once separation and or divorce are inevitable. Also, should you find that there is no other way to find a satisfactory arrangement except through divorce, you can easily get a divorce and then after your divorce application has gone through you can find the most economical way to draw up a mediated agreement with my services that are clearly delineated and satisfactory for both divorcees and for the family involved. Also in fact you are often better to work toward a mediated settlement and agreement during the period of separation so that you can spare yourself any future discord and stress. Any attempt to resolve your disputes through mediation can often times be therapeutic itself.